Front Load Dryer

FRONTLOAD WM ICON_P10 TO DRY CLOTHES Spend only P10 in electricity cost to dry clothes
FRONTLOAD WM ICON_QUICK DRYING Dries clothes in as fast as 40 minutes
FRONTLOAD WM ICON_FRESH SMELLING CLOTHES No need for sunshine and a clothes line. Perfect for those who live in condos.
FRONTLOAD WM ICON_SPACE SAVINGS Surface can be used as a counter top or can be stacked on top of a front load washer.

Model Name: FP-91LFD070GMTM-N
Capacity: 6.5kg
Power Supply: 220/60Hz
Rated Current: 8A
Rated Input Power: 1760 W
Motor Power (output): 90 W
Drying Type: Vented
Drying Control: Timer
Air vent direction: Rear
Door Open Angle: 180°
Door Diameter (inner): 41.5 mm
Drum Material (S/Z): Stainless Steel/SGCC
Color: White
Transparent Windows: √
Safety Thermostat Heater: √
Standard Dry Time (Full Load): 155 mins
Noise Level: 69 dB
Net Dimensions: 595 x 550 x 840 mm
Net Weight: 33 kg

You may View and Download the Front Load Dryer Manual in PDF